Bouquets of Sharpened Pencils

I love fall. Living in Los Angeles (and Florida before that) it’s been a while since I’ve seen the leaves change, but I still love fall. Crisper nights, cooler days and Thanksgiving.

But what I most love is the start of the school year. I know, it’s a little nutty, but I adore shopping for school supplies and seeing what new doo-dads kids will have this year. My new favorite thing, skins for your Texas Instruments graphing calculator … come on, whatever happened to stickers?

Maybe it’s because both of my parents are retired school teachers — the start of school wasn’t just a time of year in our house, it signaled the end of the summer and time to get back to work for my whole family. Labor Day held the mystique of the last day of freedom and I will miss that odd feeling of wanting to go to sleep so tomorrow will come and wanting to stay awake so it won’t.

I find that on Labor Day weekend I’m still anticipating the start of something. It’s kind of a bummer I don’t have an excuse to get a bunch of fresh notebooks, pens and erasers. Don’t you miss erasers?


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