More than one way to get a web site

I had every intention of creating my own web site, really. I asked for the Adobe Software Suite (including Photoshop and Dreamweaver) for a graduation gift and bought two Dummies books. I updated my status on Facebook to convey my frustration at trying to figure out software I didn’t understand. I even took a few online tutorials and asked a friend for help.

Yeah, none of that worked out. I managed to get a few graphics together (including my header on this blog), but that was about the extent of it. So now, I’m going to use WordPress as my web site … hope nobody minds.

I’ve added about six pages and may add more at a later date. While my goal is to keep this fairly professional, there’s always a chance I’ll post fun stuff on here, too (my attendance at cons, current book I’m reading, movie reviews, etc.)

If you have questions about the name of this blog, well, you’re just going to have questions … it’s kind of an inside joke related to my first manuscript, which I’m currently shopping to agents. If, no, when, it gets published, I will hopefully use this site as a launching point for my marketing efforts. I hope to keep it updated frequently so that I can generate some discussion, but I can’t make any promises. I really am trying though, I swear!

For now I’ll just say, poke around, see if you find something interesting and if you do, leave a comment!


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