The Apple Cart

Here’s a listing of some links to my writing (not ALL my writing, just some of it)! – Starting in the spring of 2012, I’m writing fantasy and sci-fi book reviews for this site, as well as weekly recaps/reviews for the new NBC genre drama, Revolution. Click here for my most recent review (warning: spoilers). – I’ve been known to write episode reviews for this site (an homage to all things Joss Whedon). In the Spring, I wrote reviews for the last ten episodes of Battlestar Galactica and the premiere episodes of Castle.

My Other Blog @ Blogspot – I’m notoriously bad at updating this one and I don’t know how much I will now that I’m trying to migrate everything over to Bushels of Apples, but … on occasion, I will probably write articles related to business or the world at large that may not have a home here. In that case, I’ll probably put them on Blogspot. But don’t count on it … or hold your breath.

Newspaper Credits

In some circles, I’m probably known as a loud-mouth … others might simply say, I’m opinionated. I started writing Op-Ed articles and columns when I worked on staff for the USF Oracle in my undergrad days. When I moved out to Los Angeles and began at ‘SC, I wanted to get some writing credits under my belt, so I applied for an op-ed position with The Daily Trojan. I only wrote a handful of pieces, but I thought I’d include them here. Keep in mind, they’re only my opinion and skew a little toward the left.

The Daily Trojan – Op-Ed February 2007

The Daily Trojan – Op-Ed #2 February 2007

The Daily Trojan – Op-Ed #3 February 2007

The Daily Trojan – Op-Ed #4 March 2007

The Daily Trojan – Op-Ed #5 April 2007

The Daily Trojan – Op-Ed #6 April 2007

The USF Oracle – 2002-2003

As I mentioned, I started writing for my undergrad newspaper, The Oracle. I was given the opportunity to write more than Op-Eds there and even got to theater reviews, and the occasional news story.

The Oracle – Midnight Showing of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

The Oracle – Traveling Through New York City

The Oracle – Concert Review: Elton John and Billy Joel

The Oracle – Feature Article – Cirque du Soleil: Quidam

The Oracle – Theater Review: Quidam

The Oracle – Op-Ed March 2003

The Oracle – Column: Post-Graduation Ennui


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