To The Core

There are a lot of things I’m passionate about — mostly, it’s really good TV, science-fiction, writing, Disney and action figures (yup, I have quite the collection). You could say, these things are at the “core” of my being (see how I worked that in?). This page will give you links to other reviews, convention recaps and event reports for any of these things I’m passionate about. I hope you like them!

Living in Los Angeles gives me a great chance to attend a ton of fan events, most notably cons. Often, I have so much fun, I write a recap upon my return, trying to convey to everyone who couldn’t attend just how amazing it is to see your favorite stars in person and hear the latest on your favorite shows/comics/books.

Below are a few links to a couple of things I thought might be of interest. I have two more cons coming up in November and I am going to attend Comic-Con 2010. Plus there’s always Paley Fest 2010, new television shows (can you say “Caprica?”) that I’m excited to talk about. So, don’t worry — there’ll be more …

The Great Stargate Debate: Is there room in the franchise for SGU?

Farscape Con Recap – 2008

BSG: Season 4 Review

Writer’s Strike 2008 – My Day on the Picket Line


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